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    加拿大留学推荐信范文:   Dear SirMadam:   I gladly recommend my student Mr。 Yi to you for his application to your graduate school program。   Mr。 Yi enrolled in my courses of “Digital Control System”“Optimization Theory” during his senior year。 In the former, he got a good score of 86/100ranked within top 5% of the class。 In the latter which was opened for graduate students, he was one of the only three undergraduates who took this course。 Throught the period of instruction, I found him an inquistiveattentive person。 He always concentrated on my lecturesabsorb knowledge profoundly。 Although some of the assignments were somewhat difficult to the average students, he could solved them completelycorrectly owing to his logicalanalytical thinkingthe clear conception to the theory。 He also impressed me in the final project developing a program to resolve the free variable optimal problem。 He thought deeplydid it skillfully, so the program could work very well even for the special cases (like cycling…) but still economicallyeasy to read。 So I gave him the good scorewas better than many graduate students。   Besides, He also took a cluster of courses in ControlSystems Theory in his juniorsenior yearsalways got good scores。 Upon my observation, Mr。 Yi has been fully prepared to undertake a Master in your institute in the controlsystem fields。 I am confident that with the ingenious learning abilitydiligent attitude that he has shown in the courses, he will be able to perform outstandingly even in a highly vigorous program。 I have no hesitation in recommending himhope that you will consider his application favorably。   加拿大出国留学推荐信范文   In capacity as Professor of Mathematics at Fudan UniversityI'm writing to recommend Mr。 WangGesintosyour PhD program in Computer Science。 I have known Mr。 Wang since his sophomore year of collegeand have acted as his thesis advisor and mentor。 In my experiencehe is a gifted and diligent studentand an admirably hard worker。   Wang is an impressive student because he has been forced to overcome the significant challenge of a serious illness during his freshman year。 When I first met Wang in my Discrete Math classhe did not appear to be anything special to me。 While his exam scores were goodthey were not as high as I would now expect of him。 What I didn't know then was that due to his illnessWang was attempting to take all of the difficult early mathematics courses at one timeincluding Discrete MathematicsAdvanced MathematicsLinear Algebraand Possibilities。 While most students found preparing for just one set of these exams difficultWang was overwhelmed by four of them。 But in the endhe achieved an impressive score on the final examwhich made me conscious of his unusual determination he demonstrates when confronting difficult challenges。   Mr。 Wang and I have often talked about a variety of mathematics and computer science concepts and problems。 During these discussionsI always found him to be delightfully intelligent。 Not only does he quickly understand the concepts and problems presented to himhe is able to analyze these problems and present solutions。 But perhaps most important is that Wang's thinking is intensely rigorous。 When looking at any questionhe carefully scrutinizes it and if he finds any uncertain issueshe clears them up immediately。 I believe this kind of thought is essential to become an excellent computer programmer。   Serving as his thesis advisorI had a first-hand opportunity to observe the way in which Wang's mind works。 In his senor thesisMr。 Wang mainly discussed two challenging questions in regards to″ANN″。 In our books in Chinaknowledge of ANN and its uses are very rare。 Few people in China have studied this topic and consequentlythe materials that are available on ANN are limited。 Working on this difficult projectnot only did Mr。 Wang rise to the challengebut he went above and beyond the call of duty to analyze his secondary sources and test them for accuracy in practice。 In this wayhe found mistakes in the book that we use。 His diligence and hard work made me extremely proud of him。   Mr。 Wang is an intelligentmotivatedand industrious individual。 Teaching and advising him has been a delightful pleasure。 I know that if given the chance to study abroad in Americahe will arm himself to become a great programmer he dreams of being。 He has the intelligence and background to achieve these goals – now all he needs is the opportunity。 I ask that you look upon his application favorably and grant him a chance to study in your university。   加拿大留学推荐信写作事项   加拿大留学推荐写作注意事项,写作注意事项有很多,首先就学校方面而言,必须先了解申请科系的特质(推荐信内容可强调此点特质);整理各校对推荐信内容的要求,即可得对於评估的基本要求(例如:学术研究潜力、创造力等),及特殊要求(例如:对研究领域的适应度等)。 试想:你认为审核委员会希望由推荐信中,获取那些关於你的资料。   就个人方面   分析自己的优缺点,在校成绩及工作表现,有无特殊经历可展现自己自己在此领域研究发展的潜力,或拥有那些特殊的能力(电脑、语文等),依此作为选老师写推荐信及提供其了解你的基础。 并以明确具体的证据来支持证明自己的特殊能力和个人特质(例如:实验成果、研究计画、学术出版品、课外活动等)。   就推荐者方面   首先一定要确定老师不会扯你后腿。可询问有经验的学长姐,预先了解几个推荐者的习惯,以找到最合适的师长。最好是在申请领域内有国际学术地位或特殊研究成果的教授。   推荐信其他注意事项   1、要早点联系推荐人。   如果你早就决定出国学习,而且专业方向定下的话,在你帮助一位教授完成一个项目而你的表现也不错的时候,及时地请教授写一封推荐信当然是最好了。或者是你申请教育学,而又刚刚在一所中学做了两个月的实习教师,为什么不马上请该校的校长或教导主任给你写一封推荐信呢?这样至少能保证到申请时推荐人不会忘了你做过什么。 如果你已经着手申请,至少要提前一两个月和教授打招呼,给教授留充足的时间为你写推荐信,无论对于你赶申请期限,还是减轻推荐人压力都是很有利的。   2、主动给推荐人提供自己的详细信息。   争取在推荐人着手写推荐信之前和推荐人详谈一次,哪怕只有10分钟,主要谈谈自己的学业成绩和自己的目标,申请专业和方向。 同时最好提供一份自己的详细简历,当然,如果你的自述信已经成稿或有草稿的话,可以一并提供。这样便既可以使推荐人在推荐你时有的放矢,针对你申请的课程推荐,又可以避免推荐信过于泛泛而无实例的弊端。   3、推荐表vs推荐信。   很多学校都有固定格式的推荐表,虽然是为了方便推荐人,但实际上却给中国的大部分推荐人带来很多麻烦。 如果你一下子申请20所学校,光填表也够教授累的。对于一些特别声明用推荐表的学校,你尽量用推荐表,另外附上推荐信即可。而对于大部分学校,你都可以把自己要填的一部分,即申请方向或/和放弃阅读的权利声明,签上字即可。而只要推荐信中包含推荐表中的内容,就可以直接附上签过字的推荐信即可。   加拿大留学推荐信书写要点   1、宜早不宜迟:推荐信需要时间写,何况又得配合老师的时间。所以尽快起草你的推荐信,以便使你的推荐者有充裕的时间为你的推荐信效力。   2、提供充份的信息给推荐者:如果你要推荐者能掌握你的优点,你得提供充份的信息。 自然,要尽量具体避免空洞地陈述。同时,你也该提供你申请学校截止日期给推荐者参考,以免推荐者耽误了你的申请。   3、推荐信的打字书信字体,宜选不同的型式,以示不同的推荐者。属需要圈选的表格者,可以直接以手稿填入。   4、在逻辑推理下,推荐者不可能知道或了解你的特质,请勿提及。 譬如说,学生课外活动的表现就不适于平常教授正式科目的教授提及,除非教授也参与其中。又如其它课堂的表现,除非其它教授曾经提及过,否则不适合此科教授评论学生在其它科目的表现。再如,学生如何在图书馆查数据、写报告花费的时间,一般老师是不可能知之甚详,除非实在太特殊而略有耳闻,故也不适合在推荐信中提及。   5、推荐信的内容尽量简短有力:不要虚无空洞的形容词,勤劳、负责、认真、为人谦虚、诚恳等语句,不宜多引用,最好讲出具体事实,才不流于形式,尤其不要抄袭市面的书信范例,以免流于陈腔滥调,落入俗套。   6、如果可能的话,推荐者最好与你修的科目或学校相关。 譬如说:如果你将来计划主修英文,最好推荐人之一是英文老师。又如,如果你申请常春藤名校(IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL),推荐者若也是常春藤名校出身,则其推荐信将更有力。   7、适当提及自己的“缺点”。一封推荐信如果阐述的完全是被推荐的同学的优点,不免让人觉得有粉饰之嫌,如果能恰当地加入一些“缺点”,不仅能令推荐信真实,还会通过“似贬实褒”,反而突出了被推荐人的特殊气质。   加拿大留学 如何写好推荐信   赴加拿大留学,留学申请推荐信需要自己跟导师先沟通好,推荐信应该重点突出学生的专业、经历和特长。下面是邀请导师帮忙写推荐信的过程中要注意和提醒导师在推荐信中应重点介绍和突出的地方。   (1) 所要申请的专业是什么,以及这个专业需要申请者具备哪些素质。   (2) 申请者有什么主要经历,就申请本科学位的申请者来说主要是本人有哪些特长,竞赛经历,课外活动及获奖经历等。   (3) 申请者的主要特质、性格特征等,有什么优点和缺点。   (4) 申请者是否有什么特殊的情况需要在这封信中体现出来。   在动笔之前把这些问题考虑清楚可以更有条理地对推荐信做出一个规划。   加拿大留学推荐信主要内容   一般情况下,申请者需要提供2~3封推荐信,而且要真实客观。推荐信是从第三人称的角度来介绍和评价自己的。   在选择推荐人时,最好是选择熟悉自己情况的人,这样可以对你在学术领域的潜能及成就描述出来。 另外,推荐人最好是具备一定的专业性,如大学导师等。因为大学导师对你在大学期间的学术、学业以及实践方面有很好的了解,而且老师的描述也是非常客观的。   推荐信的主要内容包括:推荐人与被推荐人的熟悉度及关系,然后是推荐人对被推荐人的整体评鉴,从个人素养、性格特点、学习能力、科研能力、沟通能力、组织能力等方面进行评价,如果有条件,可以列举一些案例以作支持。 。